This is the Main Colony Ship that departs Earth for the New World with all the Colonists and their Jupiter colony Ships On Board. It is called the Resolute.

Events leading up to the attack

A few days after christmas an advanced alien ship from another civilisation crashed in the middle east. The U.S. government then stole their engine and usdd it for interstellar travel. The advanced civilisation then sent a robot to get it back


While on it’s journey the Resolute came under attack by a robot that was searching for the engine killed many in it’s path which it believed as threats. It then damaged the ship so severely it caused an explosion that caused the communications satelite to break off the resolute at that exact moment a black hole opened and sucked in the resolute. During this an emergency evacuation alarm sounded and several colonists escaped on their jupiter ships. The jupiter 2 was one of the first to launch followed by many others including the jupiters 4,17,18,21 and 22