The 24th Mission is the Colony Mission that departs to the 'New World' in 1-01 - Impact.

As of Jan 2018 it is unknown whether this is the 24th Colony Mission to this particular new world or the 24th mission in total to any colonized world in the Lost in Space universe.

The 24th Mission is comprised of a Mothership with it's crew and a number of colonists who have decided to leave Earth to settle afresh in a new environment.

The 24th Mission has a compliment of Jupiter Colony Ships that will become the homes for each group of colonists once they have landed.

The 24th mission, unfortunately, comes to an early end in 1-01 - Impact when the Mothership and its colonists are attacked by an unknown force.

Several of the Jupiter ships escape into a rip in Space-Time where they are transported to another part of the Universe where they ultimately crash-down onto a mysterious alien planet they encounter after emergence from the rip..

Some of the Jupiter ships are hopelessly wrecked in the crash-down but some also survive

The Mother Ship

This is the Main Colony Ship that departs Earth for the New World with all the Colonists and their Jupiter colony Ships On Board

The Jupiter 2

This is the ship of the Robinson Family and is, as far as can be determined, a dual-level saucer shaped craft.

Other Jupiter Ships

At least 2, maybe 3 other Jupiter craft will be involved in Season 1, Jupiter's 4,11 and possibly one or more others