Lost in Space is being developed as a new work geared for the 21st century audience with it's own identity, style and format, while still maintaining the original DNA of the 1965 show.

Kevin Burns has indicated that the tone of the series will be in the vein of the 1965 pilot and first five episodes of the original, and will be produced with strong script writing, 'science plausibility', realistic characterizations and robust adventure as key strength factors. Think "'Jurassic Park' meets 'The Martian'"

Kevin has taken note of what worked and didn't in the original and new concepts have been applied to the story development in order to create a strong premise with a sense of believability for the audience. 

While there will be many nods to the original 1965 series this modern Lost in Space will NOT be following the 'comedic whimsy' approach of the original, and what is translated from the earlier series will be redeveloped as to believably meet the benchmarks of serious approach set for the new show.

As part of this approach exterior scenes are being shot in real exterior locations, rather than the studio based paper-mâché  planet sets utilized in the original series and many other space adventure shows that have followed.

The intention of the huge production value and approach of this new Lost in Space is to create an outstanding show with such attention to detail and  believability, as to set a standard that will be the benchmark for other shows following for many years to come.