Episode 1-10 is the 10th episode in the series.


In space once again the Jupiter 2 Crew find themselves cut off from the other Jupiter ships.

A problem arises when things begin heating up.


Jupiter 2 Crew

John Robinson ... Toby Stephens

Maureen Robinson ... Molly Parker

Judy Robinson ... Taylor Russell

Penny Robinson ... Mina Sundwall

Will Robinson ... Maxwell Jenkins

Don West ... Ignacio Serricchio

Dr. Smith ... Parker Posey

Robot ... 'Unknown'


The absence of any of the cast outside of the Jupiter 2 crew suggests that the Jupiter 2 has been isolated from the other ships.

A cryptic comment by Jeff Aro of Sea to Sky Stunts on Instagram re episode 10 “ I smell burning” suggests the finale of season one will involve heat and/or fire.