Episode 1-07 is the 7th episode in the series.


The Lost Space Colonists find themselves traversing snowy ridges high in the mountains of the mysterious alien world.


Jupiter 2 Crew

John Robinson ... Toby Stephens

Maureen Robinson ... Molly Parker

Judy Robinson ... Taylor Russell

Penny Robinson ... Mina Sundwall

Will Robinson ... Maxwell Jenkins

Don West ... Ignacio Serricchio

Dr. Smith ... Parker Posey

Robot ... 'Unknown'

Jupiter ? Crew

Aiko ... Kiki Sukezane

Dianne ... Amelia Burstyn

Vijay Dhar ... Ajay Parikh-Friese

Victor ... Raza Jaffrey

Peter Beckert ... Adam Greydon Reid

Jupiter ? Crew

Evan ... Iain Belcher


Synopsis derived from Social Media Information

Ignatio’s episode 1-07 script snapshot reveals “white” as part of the title, or possibly the whole title, which is a reference to the snowy conditions of the area of the planet represented by use of the filming location of snow covered Brohm Ridge

Naoko and Connor appear to be absent from the group in this episode as per IMDB casting information. The characters may have gone off on a separate mission in the previous episode.