Episode 1-04 is the 4th episode in the series.


The Lost Space Colonists encounter one of the crashed Jupiter ships with it’s survivors and the group of travellers grows in number with the addition of Aiko, Vijay, Diane, Victor, Naoko & Peter.

During the events they encounter a woman in a spacesuit.


Jupiter 2 Crew

John Robinson ... Toby Stephens

Maureen Robinson ... Molly Parker

Judy Robinson ... Taylor Russell

Penny Robinson ... Mina Sundwall

Will Robinson ... Maxwell Jenkins

Don West ... Ignacio Serricchio

Dr. Smith ... Parker Posey

'Dr Smith’s Sister' ... Selma Blair [Assumed]

Robot ... 'Unknown'

Jupiter ? Crew

Aiko ... Kiki Sukezane

Dianne ... Amelia Burstyn

Vijay Dhar ... Ajay Parikh-Friese

Victor ... Raza Jaffrey

Naoko Watanabe ... Yukari Komatsu

Peter Beckert ... Adam Greydon Reid


Timing of the Burnaby Park filming location teases the possibility that this episode’s cliff hanger may be an encounter while crossing a ravine


The filming notice for Burnaby Park filming stated the scene was about characters crossing a ravine over a bridge. This raises the question, did the Lost Space Colonists build the bridge themselves in order to cross the ravine, or was it pre-existing after being built by natives of the planet?