Editing is the process where the shots, scenes, effects, soundtrack elements, titles, graphics and music are all combined to create the final product, in this case, an episode of the series.

All the individual elements such as footage, music etc are loaded in to the Editing Computer and laid out on the timeline of the Editing program in the order that they will appear.

All these elements are combined together, with FX sequences created and added, and carefully set up until the final look is established and, at that time, the timeline will be rendered and the episode is complete, ready for airing.

Thu Nov 2, 2017

On Thursday November 2, 2017, Zack Estrin posted the first shot on an episode of Lost in Space being edited.

The editing timeline is clearly visible on the monitor screen showing multiple visual elements that have been added to the scene.

The onscreen scene shows a large tree in front, a planet rising [or setting] background left behind the tree and a smaller tree, with a forest in background right.

There is a person, possibly female, in front of the big tree walking towards the background right forest.

2017-11-02 - Instagram - Zack Estrin - Editing LIS