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• 4/29/2018

Feminisation of Lost in Space

Lost in Space has been somewhat feminised. The leader of the family is clearly Maureen. Dr Smith has become a woman. Will Robinson is less a less archetypal male. These are not bad things, and are perhaps a sign of the times. The series has been criticised for being somewhat depressing and haphazard. Perhaps this too is a sign of the times, when we can see the failures in the figures of the establishment, we learn to recognise and accept shortcomings more, perhaps. I think it works, what do you think?
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• 5/4/2018
they have the 'bumbling white dad' trope down pat, and they even went full shitlib by making him a cuck, raising some black dudes kid. it's a textbook example of how the left ruin everything. it's pure cancer, and every old fan i know of the original series refuses to watch it and rightly so!
• 5/5/2018
Good comment. It's interesting though that the villain has been feminised, even though this is a long standing means of extending the genre. I guess this again allows women to access power, where historically the malefactor is male. Still, Dr Smith is hardly an endearing character.
• 5/10/2018
I watched all the original series and LOVE this new take on it! Love the robot and love that the new Dr. Smith is as slimy as the old one but less whining is heard. Please do a season 2 can't wait!
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